Living in human synergy is key in building a better world, both for us and future generations. Making human connections is both the purpose and the result of a meaningful life. When we search to empower ourselves, we should also open ourselves to others.

At Munay, we always say that our goal is to seek and promote authenticity in tourism, and we are convinced there is nothing more authentic than connecting with other people and engaging in mindful conversations across different social backgrounds, cultures, and languages. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential parts of the life journey and endorse them across all of our activities and partnerships.

Munay Experience promotes the creations of mutually beneficial and enriching interactions between travelers, guides, associations, local hosts, and their communities, allowing us to open our eyes to social and environmental contexts, as well as discover local cultures and traditions from the perspective of the local people.

How do we achieve this?

Our meaningful activities led hand-in-hand with our expert coaches, local NGOs, and passionate guides, promote establishing human connections with an aim to learn from each other and spend valuable time together, maybe even build long-lasting friendships.

Our trips encourage authentic, open conversations with inspiring local people, such as NGO founders, female entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, and many others. They share their stories and provide insights into their lives at the destination location, touching upon the realities of living, local communities, and the environment.

We foster small-group inspiring conversations with like-minded people from different backgrounds and cultures. Targeted women circle activities allow our travelers to create friendly relationships and share their observations in a safe and kind atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

We work with guides and associations that not only have inspiring personal stories to share but also reflect the Munay values and spirit. During our journeys, we create opportunities for our travelers to spend time with them during meals and rituals, so they can connect in tranquility.

Our trips incorporate authentic, open conversations with inspiring people, such as NGO founders, activists, female entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, and many others. They share their stories and provide insights into life at the destination location, touching upon the reality of living, communities, and their environment.

We create cross-cultural skills sharing workshops where we can mutually learn from and empower each other across cosy and friendly ateliers of art & plastic, sewing, creating local jewelry, free linguistic conversations, or simply participating in 5 senses rituals.

In our travels, we value the importance of working with local female guides. We are convinced that women from local communities possess a “behind the scenes” knowledge of cities or natural sites, which is why we invite them to be our guides or participate in organizing our expeditions. 

Feminine Energy in Adventure.

Facing personal challenges in an environment of female synergy, kindness, and security.

We are proponents of a society in which every person can reach self-realization in the best possible conditions. In our many travels and coaching experiences, we noticed that, although they can be very different culturally and professionally, many women share similar challenges and ambitions, and often struggle to freely express themselves in their daily lives. When they work to grow and overcome their barriers, they often need different energies and dynamics than men.

Adventure is a special, very specific environment, where we can overcome our limiting beliefs and gain confidence, easier and quicker than in more standard set-ups. Our female-only groups create a one-of-a-kind setting, permitting our travelers to fully participate in the experience, without any filters. The feminine energy is felt strongly on our journeys, inviting everyone to take off any masks they may be wearing, and simply live the experiences as they are, in a secure and relaxed context, where our travelers can disconnect from social pressures and be their authentic selves.

Key Partners & Guides
Professionalism and shared philosophy of travel.

A human-centric approach to traveling and the security of our travelers are key for us. Our travel programs are designed in partnerships with local experts in adventure, personal development, health, social engagement, and public impact.

All Munay guides have extensive local travel expertise and official certifications, adhering to the highest norms of quality and security. Every person we work with has their own inspiring story and is driven by a passion for fostering human growth across travel experience. All guides come from different areas of specialization – they are environmentalists, biologists, social workers, entrepreneurs, and many more. Their objective is to share a part of their world and personal story with others.

Transformational experience.

Munay’s concept is truly ground-breaking. Never before have we seen journeys for women so graciously and skilfully combining adventure, coaching, and social connections, which worked so well together during our pilot that they seemed a natural, yet such an innovative pairing. It all helped me to explore who I truly am !

The social connection was one of a kind, with passionate, local guides who all cared deeply about both caring for their environment and sharing their specialised knowledge, all while remaining friendly and welcoming. Special thanks to Ines and her 15 extraordinary horses…! Not to mention extraordinary connection with all those extraordinary Munay women !

If I was to summarise my experience in one word, I would use the say transformational – it is not an exaggeration at all when I say the. Munay pilot changed my life in ways I did not think possible”. 

Ariane Baffi, 50yo.

Extraordinary experiences to feel truly authentic.

My travel experience through Munay was very different to ones I have had in the past, either as a solo traveller or as part of small group trips. Where Munay stands apart and is unique is that it offers high calibre, extraordinary experiences permitting to feel truly authentic, grow and deep dive in the the elements, I didn’t know before and I would never dare to explore !

For me, it has the right balance and combination of adventure travel, physical challenges and personal growth experiences through the coaching and through the hand picked partners who share the same philosophy, outlook on life and values as Munay.
Sophie Gins-Repoussard, 45yo.