Three Elements – France.
Challenges & Inspirations of the Great South 

Three Elements is an experiential journey guiding you across a region of great natural beauty, from the foot of the Cevennes mountain range to the spectacular Calanques Natural Park near Marseille – one of France’s biggest cultural & artistic crossroads.

Your journey will be kick-started with a conversation with your personal coach, helping you find the synergy between your upcoming travel experiences and your individual needs and desires. During 4 days, you will then live an in-depth experience, from being guided by a herd of 17 horses, exploring the universes of earth, sea and air, accompanied by inspiring and passionate people and eye-opening NGO’s, who will lead you into mystic caves, along yellow colored cliffs and into fascinating underwater ecosystems. 
This journey will offer you contact with inspiring people, nature and its 3 powerful elements, as well as time for self-reflection to help you grow and feel deeply empowered.

Stay 4 days / 5 nights.

Party Size 6-8 people.

Outdoor Effort Medium

Stay Comfort 

Location France.

Price per person Request a quote.  


Individual & Immersive
Before & After Travel Coaching,
Equicoaching, Rituals, Women Circles
and Munay Travelbook


Three elements challenges
Sea : Scuba Diving,
Earth – Speleology,
Air – Via Cordata Climbing


Inspiring people & stories
from local NGO’s,
guides & other Travellers

Early morning opening ritual before leaving for a tailor-made day of experiences and personal development in company of Ines Kaiser and her 17 horses. Picnic and sharing of stories with Ines and the other women.

In the evening, a unique, deeply immersive Ritual.

Early morning ritual before leaving for our 1st Challenge of going into the heart of the spectacular caves and exploring a hidden universe of under-earth corridors. A unique experience that is expected to activate our 5 senses and awaken our imagination.

In the evening, a unique, deeply empowering Ritual.

Early morning ritual all together before leaving for the Mediterranean Coast, Marseille, for a fascinating encounter with Women.

In the afternoon, our 2nd Challenge is to scuba-dive and explore the hidden under-water universe and its fascinating, however endangered, ecosystem. All tailored to open your eyes on the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and also to connect with our partner Non Governmental Organisation to discover marine-world challenges and the great opportunities to face them.  

In the evening, a unique, deeply liberating Ritual.

Early morning ritual before leaving for our 3rd Challenge, permitting to experience sea and earth from a more airy perspective. Arriving empowered from our former Munay journey experiences and challenges, and in team mode with the Munay Tribe, you will live this final experience as an official signature of your inner strength and capacity to reach your goals and dreams.

In the evening, a unique, celebrating Ritual.

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