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Each of our adventures begins long before the journey and lasts after the return. But above all, it is a human adventure like no other.

I have designed these journeys to be a springboard for personal development. Experiences and human synergy are their basic ingredients. Respecting this Card by me, my partners, and the Adventure Seekers is its foundation. It is a moral commitment, and I ask you to read it carefully and keep it for yourself throughout the journey.

It’s a unique adventure in terms of the program, but above all, it’s a state of mind.

The program includes individual life coaching sessions, group rituals, and outdoor activities that can evoke strong emotions, and sometimes even take you out of your comfort zone.

Therefore, it’s essential to go through all of this with self-assurance, kindness, and calmness.

Before each trip, I will contact each participant to ensure they understand the Munay philosophy and have signed this card.

Your coach will be your best mental Sherpa before, during, and after the Munay journey.

Coaching is an inner journey and a spirit of co-responsibility. The coach commits to gently guide you on your journey through powerful questions. Your role is to invest in yourself and fulfill your commitments in a carefree manner and in the spirit of the journey.

Our exchanges will be confidential and non-judgmental, following the ethics of the International Coach Federation. If you wish, you can share your intentions with the group, adhering to the principles of non-judgment and openness.

Please note that the coach is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or doctor.

Before: Preparation also helps in personal development!

Choosing this journey is already the first step in personal development. Well done! IF you feel the need, share the Munay idea with your friends, family, and colleagues. It will help you both during and after the trip.

Choosing this journey requires an assessment of your physical and mental capabilities.

Plan ahead and talk to your fellow travelers to get to know each other better and prepare for the trip. I will create a WhatsApp group and Google Docs so that we can prepare for this journey together.

During the journey: Every journey depends on you and the group!

State of mind

Disconnect, let go, enjoy the journey as a moment beyond time! Leave room for discoveries and surprises and broaden your horizons.

Interaction with fellow travelers, local residents, and their environment. Immerse yourself in their culture, opinions, and history, remaining open and non-judgmental. Share your perspective in the spirit of reciprocity and dynamic exchange. Adjusting your way of thinking to our core values is essential. By joining Munay, you commit to a positive attitude. Sharing and helping each other are just as important as respecting each other’s privacy.

You and everyone else should feel free to be themselves in all their authenticity. Here, we believe in the power of internal resources to achieve our dreams and goals. Expressing them unfiltered helps us become aware of them. During activities, your commitment and willingness to push yourself are key to mutual development in a spirit of mutual support and safety.

If you want to make decisions together, do not hesitate to discuss and look for solutions together! If you encounter difficulties, consider what contribution you want to make to the group.

It is up to you to know your limitations and inform the guide and/or trainer if you need help. You can refuse to participate in activities if it really exceeds your capabilities and you must accept the consequences, both individually and collectively. Team spirit and mutual support are essential. Good communication will be our foundation.

On-site responsibility: The richness and culture of the region lie in its inhabitants, the region, and the ecosystem.

Limit your impact on the environment: stick to the paths indicated by the guides, do not waste water, limit the amount of waste by leaving packaging in the accommodation; if possible, take a water bottle with you to avoid buying plastic bottles. Carpooling will also help reduce the carbon footprint during the journey! Respect animals: do not feed them and disturb them as little as possible, respecting their nature and natural ecosystem.

After the trip, don’t forget to fill out the satisfaction questionnaire and share photos!

See you soon on a journey beyond time, and let the spirit of Munay be with you at all times!

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