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Lapland, its wild nature, and Europe's oldest culture.

Lapland is one of the wildest places in the world with lakes and forests as far as the eye can see. It’s also an ideal place to marvel at the Northern Lights. 

It’s a ‘luxury’ here, not with five but with a million stars! Here, you feel alone in the world, surrounded by pure nature where water from the lakes is still drinkable and the native culture is still very much alive and kicking.

It’s one of the wildest corners of Europe that hasn’t yet seen the crowds of tourists, a place whose charm attracts lovers of nature that’s still pure and wild. 

It’s one of Europe’s wildest corners that hasn’t yet seen the crowds of tourists, a place whose charm attracts lovers of a nature that is still pure and wild. 

It’s a ‘paradise’ for those who enjoy hiking in wild forests, clean air and the astonishing nature of the Arctic. Travellers who have fallen in love with the magical winter landscapes return here in summer for the glacial valleys and their thousands of lakes. The tundra is carpeted with colourful shrubs and lichens, and the meadows abound with flowers and berries. Wild animals such as reindeer and bears are easy to spot as they are not yet familiar with man and are often not shy!

Lapland is also known for its magical colours! From June to September, the days are endless and the light of the white nights is dazzling. The sky becomes almost like a rainbow! 

In September, it’s the fabulous “Ruska” autumn — Finnish autumn in red and gold. It’s not just the colourful leaves on the trees, but also the moss and lichen that sparkle in shades of red, yellow, green and brown. The days grow shorter, the nights get darker and the Northern Lights appear in the sky, creating a cosmic space that lights up the sky!


The seductive dance of the Northern Lights in the sky delights visitors and locals alike from early autumn to late winter. Northern Lapland is one of the best places in the world to watch the Northern Lights, as it lies just below the auroral oval. 

Here, you simply have to come and to see this beauty with your own eyes, to listen to the silence and discover this “other planet”, at the risk of wanting to stay here forever!

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Northern Lapland is home to the Saami, Europe’s only recognised indigenous people. Today, there are around 10,000 Saami in Finland, and their culture is an integral part of everyday life. 

Travelling with Munay also means a privileged encounter with the indigenous Saami people, who have been cultivating the customs of their ancestors and reindeer herding for centuries. At local events or on Saami National Day, you can listen to the characteristic song of the Saami people, called joik. 

During our dinners, you can sample typical dishes made with local ingredients: berries, mushrooms, fish, etc.


Finland is also a country of

unique sports and exciting festivals. These include reindeer-drawn ski races. There’s also the Midsummer Festival, the longest day without a sunset! Not to mention Saami National Day or a Saami Aboriginal Film Festival!

We are committed to SustainableTravel Finland and work with key regional players.

Our objective is ecotourism and promoting it through our experiences.

Respect for the richness of Lapland and authenticity are our priorities today and tomorrow. Our partnerships are key to acting together!

The unspoilt nature and rich culture of Northern Lapland are a large part of the region’s appeal. We are committed to the principles of sustainable travel.

Our programmes highlight activities that showcase or are inspired by Saami culture. All of them are run solely by Saami or local entrepreneurs and families, which guarantees the accuracy of the information provided and the authenticity of the visitor’s experience.


aurore boréale

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