The concept

« Adventure gives you the power to go further! »

A look at the Munay adventure

aurore boréale

I create Munay trips to experience things that are different from those you find elsewhere. Experiences that not only open your eyes to the world and to others, but also to yourself. Here, in a world of adventure par excellence, everything is done to ensure that you have a great time at your own pace and return home refreshed! Lapland is my little paradise, a dream come true every day! This is where I invite you to experience the adventures of a lifetime and awaken in yourself the power of the person who dares to go beyond to realise their dreams and goals.

Kinga Jakubowska

Adventure with a meaning

aurore boréale
experiential learning

Our mission is to design unique journeys that make sense for the region, the planet and of course the traveller.

The power of adventure and well-being

Travelling is an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in a new world, a new world, discovering new cultures, meeting new people, exploring the great outdoors through new activities, feeling free, feeling yourself…

Adventure travel is an incredible source of well-being thanks to the phenomenon of “experiential learning”, a fabulous process of learning through experience.

Travelling with Munay …
It’s not just about participating. It’s about living.
It’s not just about seeing. It’s about feeling.
It’s not just about travelling. It’s about growing.

Hence, adventure travel is a way to get inspired, to activate your true nature and your strengths, to feel free!

Munay’s trips north of the Arctic Circle, under skies lit up by the Northern Lights, are a playground par excellence for experiencing not just a journey but the experience of a lifetime.

Accompanied by Kinga, an experienced local guide, adventurer and professional life coach – each adventure trip becomes not only a lever for exploring the Arctic universe in all its splendour, but also for learning to go beyond it, to go beyond your limits and dare to make your dreams come true.

The 3 ingredients

aurore boréale

A unique experience

A selection of wilderness experiences, combined with cultural and well-being workshops, will enable you to step out of your usual environment, go beyond your limits and gain self-confidence in complete safety.

Each activity is a tool and an experience that will help you explore the ‘real’ Lapland from a different angle, and also strengthen the adventurous spirit within you.

All the activities are tailor-made by our knowledge of Lapland. They’ll take you off the beaten track, away from traditional tourism. And yet, just a few hours away from home.
Our experiences have been developed so that you can also learn from others by sharing great moments with travellers from all backgrounds and walks of life. It’s also another way of looking at nature and the impact we have on the environment.

Our 3 values

aurore boréale


This is the essence of every human interaction, every experience, every journey. Leaving nature, culture, ourselves and others as they are today is a luxury. Here in Lapland, "real Lapland", we say that we don't wear masks, we are who we are. It's also the values we share and want to share with travellers. Being ourselves and having authentic experiences on this Top of the World, so different from the world we know elsewhere because of its harsh climate and its unique and authentic culture that has had to adapt to this universe!

Responsibility for yourself and for the planet

At Munay, we believe that everyone has a role to play in the world, but also for themselves. We believe that nothing is set in stone, everything moves and we can change things by being aware and committed. Each trip is a shared responsibility between us and the travellers, so that we can use it as a lever for positive growth, both for the region and for ourselves. We're here to grow and to help others grow from our experience.


Lapland gives you that incredible feeling of freedom. We create each trip freely, following our convictions and passions and the cordial relationship with our partners. It's also the right to make each trip different, by adapting to the group, our desires at the time but also to capture the grandiose surprises that nature has in store for us with each experience!

Each of our adventures begins long before the trip and continues after you return.

Do you have the mindset of the adventurer?
Make sure by consulting the Munay Adventurer's Charter.

Munay Adventurer's Charter
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All the answers to your questions

Do you have any practical questions about booking your experience, preparing your trip, payment or even the course of the adventure?

Frequently Asked Questions
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