With Munay Experience, you take your travel experience to a new level. Our journeys aim to energise your life, make you feel more confident, and help you get to know the real you, others, and the world.

We design experiential, human-centric adventures in remote and truly authentic sites. Our certified coaching program is the backbone of our journeys, helping you boost your personal growth, stop the clock, see things in a new light, make you feel fulfilled and more enriched, inside and out.

Our feminine groups will invite you to extend your wings in a safe atmosphere of kindness, lightness, and unity. With us, you will reach a state of Munay, which in ancient Inca law means being in harmony with yourself, everyone, and everything around you. The state of Munay is the founding pillar of your inner journey.

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Kinga’s testimonial.

“Dropped off by a small airplane in south-eastern Tasmania and left alone for two weeks to face the wilderness taught me self-sufficiency, that overcoming your limits lead to greater esteem and revelations across deep reflection on the challenges and their impact on ourselves.”