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« The adventures that open the wings »


The adventures that open the wings

Kinga Jakubowska is Franco-Polish.
After growing up in Communist Poland, I moved to France at the age of 23 to finish my studies and start a career in international trade.
Passionate about extraordinary and meaningful adventures, I became an Arctic guide and personal development coach, and in 2021 I created Munay Expérience.
I create trips to live unique experiences in one of the wildest and most culturally rich parts of the world that we will never forget. These are also experiences that will allow people to expand their horizons, to be inspired but also sometimes to go beyond their limits and beliefs, to fulfil their dreams thanks to and through adventure.

Kinga Jakubowska

Kinga J

Traveler, adventurer, snowmobile and packraft guide. She is also a life tourism coach.

Adventure has literally changed my outlook on life and given me wings. 

Going where no one else has gone before, integrating with nature 

in the purest sense of the word and experiencing real adventures,

 became a passion and personal liberation for me. 

I set out on a nearly year-long expedition “around the world” on foot, by bicycle sometimes on horseback, I covered the route along the Pacific Ocean. I have been on the world’s least traveled treks in Andes, Australia and New Zealand. I crossed the Tasmania on its wildest coasts far away from the human footprints and the desert lands on the land of Fire! 

In 2020, following my heart and passion, I decided to open my Munay Experience trips in Northern Lapland. I’ll be sharing it hand in hand with Kevin, an Arctic guide, in search of an authentic and conscious experience in the footsteps of the Saami and their reindeer.

I love talking to people from all cultures and backgrounds. I speak 5 languages: English, French, Polish, Spanish and Italian.  My passions are trekking, skiing, speed skating, photography, watching the Northern Lights and of course wilderness adventure.

Kevin L.

Snowmobile guide and adventurer

A passion for nature and the great outdoors prompted me to leave my previous life behind and make my dream come true. I decided to settle in Ivalo in Finnish Lapland after travelling the world for 10 years and crossing 50 countries. My passion is to help you discover my world in Lapland as a snowmobile guide.

The polar adventurer in me constantly pushes me to explore new places, new wild landscapes. But also to forge links with the locals and share my experiences with you. My hobbies are skiing, paragliding, mountains and adventure.

Aurores boréales

Our village

Muotkan Ruoktu is a legendary village in northern Lapland, 400 km north of the Arctic Circle, at the foothills of Tunturis. Every moment and every day here astonishes us with its beauty, the grandeur of nature, and the power of its history! For us, it's "our little paradise" in the light of the polar lights, our unique place to live and welcome travelers from all over the world. Being here allows you to experience authentic adventures, participate in local activities, and simply spend a few days in comfortable cabins that carry both history and have been renovated in a local spirit. Celebrate these moments in our family restaurant, savoring Hans's specialty, the local reindeer dish "poronkäristys," and even dishes from Poland and France-Savoie. Yes, it's a place for travelers from all over the world and from different backgrounds. We warmly invite you to discover Muotkan Ruoktu and together, write a new chapter in the history of Muotkan Ruoktu.

Adventurous life

Here we live and do our adventuring during the three seasons of Lapland: summer, autumn and winter. Here silence reigns, leaving room for the animals, reindeer, foxes, rabbits and 1001 birds to come and visit us. Here, time stands still, leaving room to live and reminisce about our adventures with a slight smile and the beating of our hearts. Here, the northern lights put on a show that makes us forget about sleep and the need for rest. Here, every traveller will find an adventurous soul! We live it every day with true happiness.

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