Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 1. Service Providers

Director: Kinga JAKUBOWSKA
VAT Number: 3359378-9
Registered Address:
500C Tolosentie
99 800 Ivalo
Email: kinga.jakubowska@munayexperience.com

These terms and conditions apply to the travel agency MUNAY EXPERIENCE, managed by Kinga JAKUBOWSKA (“seller”) and the consumer, both professional and individual (“buyer”). They also apply to the terms of purchasing services. Every purchase on the website signifies full and complete acceptance of the following general sales conditions.

Article 2. Characteristics of Services and Products

The offered services and products are described on the website. They mainly concern group support services for one-day trips or longer courses. They are subject to availability. Visualizations, photos, or videos related to the description of services and products do not have a contractual nature.

Article 3. Prices

Prices are expressed in euros and include all taxes. Munay EXPERIENCE reserves the right to change prices at any time. The price applicable at the time of placing the order is the price displayed on the website on the day of placing the order. These prices include “teaching costs” and “accommodation and full board.”

Article 4 – Registration and Payment Procedures

By registering for a trip, course, or activity, the buyer clearly declares acceptance of these general sales conditions without restrictions or reservations. To confirm registration, the buyer must submit a reservation request using the online form. After submitting the request, the buyer will receive a reservation confirmation for the trip and an invoice by email, and then will be asked to pay the costs directly to the partner within a maximum of 7 days.

Registration is only confirmed upon receipt of the first part of the payment. Registrations and payments are made directly online through the secure STRIPE interface – payment by CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, or bank transfer. The buyer must enter their card number, expiration date, name, and visual cryptogram directly in the designated place. The buyer is requested to pay 30% of the total cost of the service at the time of booking and 60% 14 working days before the service date. In the case of booking a trip less than 14 days before departure, the full travel amount must be paid at the time of booking, i.e., 100%.

Any taxes, customs duties, or other services that must be paid in accordance with French regulations, the importing country, or the transit country are the responsibility of the buyer. In the case of an international transaction, the STRIPE payment interface will transfer the amount in the user’s currency (bank charges may apply).

Article 5 – Cancellation and Refund Terms

1- Cancellation of the Agreement by the Customer

In the event of cancellation of the reservation (except for reasons indicated below), the following rules apply:

more than 60 days before departure: 15% of the total travel cost (minimum €200/person)

59 days to 45 days before departure: 25% of the total travel cost (minimum €200/person)

44 days to 31 days before departure: 35% of the total travel cost

44 days to 31 days before departure: 35% of the total travel cost

30 to 21 days before departure: 50% of the total travel cost

20 to 9 days before departure: 70% of the total travel cost

less than 9 days before departure: 100% of the total travel cost, excluding airport fees.

In the event of cancellation for serious reasons (illness preventing travel, hospitalization, death of a close relative), the buyer will receive a full refund of the costs directly to the bank account used for payment, only upon presentation of proof of payment.

2- However, if holidays must be canceled due to force majeure (imprisonment, pandemic, etc.), the buyer will receive a full refund of the costs directly to the bank account used for payment.

Cancellation by MUNAY EXPERIENCE

If MUNAY EXPERIENCE is forced to cancel the service, the customer will be informed. The customer will be reimbursed for all sums paid.

No indemnity can be claimed from MUNAY EXPERIENCE in case of cancellation of the trip for reasons of force majeure, climatic or natural events, social movements, or for reasons related to the safety of travelers.

Article 6 – Medical Information

Activities offered during vacations organized by Munay EXPERIENCE require medical advice. The excursions are open to all because the offered activities can be adapted to any encountered medical problems. Medical contraindications include:

Limiting musculoskeletal problems

Serious psychological problems

Circulatory system problems



Medical treatment based on anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs

Motor problems preventing participation in the activities offered as part of the service

Surgery performed within less than 3 months

Pregnant women

Serious hearing problems or deafness.

In the case of any medical contraindications, it is important to inform the service provider before making a reservation. Reservations can only be made with the written consent of the service provider. It should be noted that the advice of the organizer in no way replaces the advice of a doctor or the initiation of treatment. It is strongly recommended to obtain clear consent from a doctor in case of any doubts.

Article 7 – Protection of Personal Data

Data Collected

In the course of its activity, the website www.munayexperience.com implements and uses the processing of users’ personal data. Therefore, MUNAY EXPERIENCE collects the following personal data: last name, first name, email address, and phone number, as well as personal data declared during the vacation reservation.


MUNAY EXPERIENCE collects and processes user data entirely or partially for the following purposes:

Storing information entered by customers during registration and/or purchase of the product;

Sending reservation requests to partner travel agencies;

Sharing website content on social networks;

Sending information and/or external communication;

Analyzing recipients and traffic on the website;

Sending marketing materials;

Customizing vacations listed on the website.

Persons Authorized to Access Data

Persons authorized to access data collected within MUNAY EXPERIENCE include managers, employees, students, and interns of MUNAY EXPERIENCE and its partners involved in services reserved by the user, as well as subcontractors of MUNAY EXPERIENCE involved in the website, partner travel agencies offering products for sale, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Data Retention

The Personal Data collected is retained for the duration of the legal retention period relating to the processing purpose and for up to 5 years from the last exchange you had with MUNAY EXPERIENCE and carried out at your initiative. Personal data necessary for sending the newsletter is kept as long as the user does not unsubscribe.

Rights of the Data Subject

You have the right to inquire about, access, modify, delete Personal Data about you, and the right to obtain a copy of the Personal Data we hold in a structured electronic format (portability). You also have the right to object for legitimate reasons to Personal Data concerning you being processed and the right to object to your Personal Data being used for commercial prospecting, in particular. You can exercise your rights by sending your requests to the following address: kinga.jakubowska@gmail.com. We commit to responding to these requests within 1 month. This period may be extended by one month, depending on the complexity and number of requests received. In case of reasonable doubt about your identity, we may ask you for additional information necessary to confirm your identity.


MUNAY EXPERIENCE implements organizational, technical, software, and physical digital security measures to protect personal data from alteration, destruction, and unauthorized access. However, it should be noted that the Internet is not a completely secure environment, and MUNAY EXPERIENCE cannot guarantee the security of information transmission or storage on the Internet.

Modification of the Clause

This Privacy Policy may be changed or modified at any time. In the event of modifications to this Policy, MUNAY EXPERIENCE undertakes to publish a new version on the Website.

Article 8 – Liability

The seller is only obligated to exercise caution and cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused by external service providers accessing the holiday website and its services. We reserve the right, if circumstances require it and in the interest of our travelers, to change routes and programs at any time without prior notice. The customer must possess a category B driver’s license and liability insurance for driving a snowmobile. The customer must sign a commitment to comply with the rules. In case of damage to the snowmobile, the customer must pay for the damages. Compliance with the Munay Card is mandatory.

Article 9. Dispute Resolution Procedures

Any complaints can be sent to the following address: kinga.jakubowska@gmail.com, so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible. If attempts at amicable dispute resolution fail, any disputes concerning the validity, interpretation, and/or execution of these General Terms and Conditions must be brought before the competent courts, even in the case of multiple defendants or third parties.